28 May, 2011

I am Searching For Field Character

I have been in residence for the last week helping Sarah Cowles and Jim Voorhies out with the Beer Garden @massMOCA. It is one of the many public performance and relational aesthetic type art that will will be happening this summer with B.F.O.C and MassMOCA.  If you get a chance to get out to the Berkshires you should drop by. I'll be here for another week.

02 May, 2011


I've been transitioning in my work.
Going in a direction that i'm really excited about.
Here are some hi-res photos of what i've been up to.
(Some other hi-res photos of paintings I haven't been able to take quality images of yet.)

I haven't taken exact measurements of the newest ones (Last Days/Loom) so they're estimated sizes.


"Last Days" 6ft x 6.5ft Oil on Canvas
"WORKHARD. SHORTLIFE" 5.5ft x 5.8ft Oil on Canvas

"DUDELOCKER" 5ft x 5ft Oil on Canvas

"Lone and Looming" 3.5ft x 3.5ft Oil on Linen
"And Through The Chaos The Gods Spoke" 6.5ft x 7.0ft Oil on Canvas

"House On The Hill" 4ft x 3.6ft Oil on Canvas

Thanks to Miles Tsang for letting me borrow his fancy camera. That kid is a true baller.