26 April, 2011

Some old paintings, some new ones.

"DUDELOCKER" 5ft x 5ft Oil

"House On The Hill" 4ft x 3.6ft Oil

"Reverse" 5.1ft x 5.1ft Oil

"Sega Genesis" 5.6ft x 5.6ft Oil

"Sister" 3.8ft x 4ft Oil

"Teenage Boy" 5.7ft x 6.8ft Oil

"Tonight, I'm gonna make you feel alright" 4.1ft x 4ft Oil

"Txt Msg Lver" 4.3ft x 4.5ft Oil
I just wanted to upload some old paintings and some new ones to the interweb. Cheers.

05 April, 2011

Work hard. Your life is short.

"Work Hard, Short Life" 5.5ft x 5.8ft Oil on Canvas

"And Through The Chaos The Gods Spoke" 6.5ft x 7.0ft Oil on Canvas
Two new paintings. "And Through The Chaos" is really different from the normal way I work. I was trying to go about things in a very different way to see how it would pan out. I don't know what I think about it. I'm really pleased with "Work Hard, Short Life". The title was inspired by this song by the band //Tense// i've been listening to alot: