09 January, 2011

A trip to NYC/PHILLY

 Time Square - NYC
 Phillip Guston - NYC
 Phillip Guston - NYC
 Detail shot
 Detail shot
 Franz Kline - NYC
 Andrew Wyeth - NYC
 Detail shot
 Detail shot
 James Ensor - NYC
 John Brenanaugh? I wish I could remember, contemporary painter in some gallery in Chelsea in NYC
 Keith Duncan - NYC
 Edouard Manet - Philadelphia
 Cy Twombly Room - Philadelphia
 Marcel Duchamp - Philadelphia
 Really old guns - Philadelphia
 Michelangelo Pisoletto - Mirror Painting - Philadelphia
  Michelangelo Pisoletto - Mirror Painting - Philadelphia
 Phillip Guston - Philadelphia
Myself in front of the Rocky Statue in front of the main museum in Philadelphia. 

I went to NYC to help my good friend Brian Sharrock move into his new place in Ridgewood. Then after four days in NYC I went to Philadelphia to see my good friend Robin Delaney. These are some of the images from my trip. Comment for any more information on any of the pieces shown.

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  1. looks like you had an awesome time. i've never seen any of the wyeth's art up close . all 3 of dem dudes are my fav.