24 January, 2011

Some New Work (1/11)

"GAME TIME" about 3.5ft x almost 4.0ft
"DUDE LOCKER" - about 4.5ft by 5.0ft
"PEANUT GALLERY" - about 4.0ft by 4.5ft
"HER PITTED SOUL" - about 3.0ft x 4.5ft

Some new work I had yet to take photos of. All oil on canvas. I haven't measured them yet, so I don't know the exact sizes but all of those are in the ball bark. A bunch of medium sized paintings. In the first three I was fooling around with some alternate imagery, and going about my process in alternate ways. My show is coming up in about a week and a half, and i'm getting ready to start picking what'll go in. I'll post the flier/poster in a day or two.