30 January, 2011

day//night update

These two pieces I think are going to be shown as one. They're almost done, they'll be at my show in a week if I get them where I want them to be.

26 January, 2011


February 6th - 12th
I'm having my thesis exhibition at the Acock Gallery in the Canzani Center. I've been working really hard and if you had the time it would mean a lot to me if you stopped by the show, or came to the reception. 
The reception is February 11th, 7:00-9:30pm.

Hope to see you there :)!

24 January, 2011

Some New Work (1/11)

"GAME TIME" about 3.5ft x almost 4.0ft
"DUDE LOCKER" - about 4.5ft by 5.0ft
"PEANUT GALLERY" - about 4.0ft by 4.5ft
"HER PITTED SOUL" - about 3.0ft x 4.5ft

Some new work I had yet to take photos of. All oil on canvas. I haven't measured them yet, so I don't know the exact sizes but all of those are in the ball bark. A bunch of medium sized paintings. In the first three I was fooling around with some alternate imagery, and going about my process in alternate ways. My show is coming up in about a week and a half, and i'm getting ready to start picking what'll go in. I'll post the flier/poster in a day or two.

23 January, 2011


pushing pulling poking choking
going going going
day//night, bro//siss, love//hate
i'd say another week or two of making decisions.

i'll take professional photos of them once finished

19 January, 2011

Progressive Starts

started some new medium sized paintings today.
trying to focus on being 'quiet' with my strokes.
updates as soon as they come

09 January, 2011

A trip to NYC/PHILLY

 Time Square - NYC
 Phillip Guston - NYC
 Phillip Guston - NYC
 Detail shot
 Detail shot
 Franz Kline - NYC
 Andrew Wyeth - NYC
 Detail shot
 Detail shot
 James Ensor - NYC
 John Brenanaugh? I wish I could remember, contemporary painter in some gallery in Chelsea in NYC
 Keith Duncan - NYC
 Edouard Manet - Philadelphia
 Cy Twombly Room - Philadelphia
 Marcel Duchamp - Philadelphia
 Really old guns - Philadelphia
 Michelangelo Pisoletto - Mirror Painting - Philadelphia
  Michelangelo Pisoletto - Mirror Painting - Philadelphia
 Phillip Guston - Philadelphia
Myself in front of the Rocky Statue in front of the main museum in Philadelphia. 

I went to NYC to help my good friend Brian Sharrock move into his new place in Ridgewood. Then after four days in NYC I went to Philadelphia to see my good friend Robin Delaney. These are some of the images from my trip. Comment for any more information on any of the pieces shown.